Cape with side buttons

The merit of pure cashmere yarn enhances the new knitted cape, soft and enveloping.
The garment, characterized by two side buttons that allow it to be closed under the sleeves, is worked with a fabric-like treatment technique, through a felting process of the artfully made yarn, central theme of the collection.
This process that enriches its vaporous texture, exclusive and difficult to manufacture, allows to lighten the weight of the garment by emptying the fiber and compacting the weft, making it at the same time lighter, softer and more structured.
After a long combing process, a light and unlined garment is obtained, perfectly finished even inside.
Sophisticated and contemporary, it is ideal in combination with sweaters and perfect for overlapping games.

Wash by hand only, do not bleach. Dry the garment on a horizontal surface, ironing at low temperature. Alternatively, clean the garment with a delicate dry cleaning.

Our articles are created and produced entirely in Perugia / Italy, respecting the man, the dignity of work and in harmony with the territory.


  • Side buttons
  • Composition: 100% cashmere
  • Title 2 / 28,000
  • 100% Made In Italy
1.499,00 €
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