“Our goal is always to search for excellence: find the best raw materials, study and create a valuable item that appeals to the eye and gives the pleasure of wearing it, obtaining products of the highest range to consolidate an experience of private luxury.”


Lunaria Cashmere is an Italian brand that operates in luxury goods industry, specialized in high-end knitwear in cashmere and fine yarns. Founded in 2003 by the Virgili family, which has been operating for over thirty years in the textile and apparel sector, with the aim of offering a product entirely made in Italy and inspired by the most refined heritage of artistic craftsmanship.

The Maison was born in Perugia, a territory with which, over the years, the Virgili family has maintained strong roots and where it still operates and works.

The products, made with natural raw materials, rare and exceptional, concretely represent the search for perfection, sustainability and transmission of the craft heritage.

In the Maison’s workshops, where the production process of the garments is carried out while maintaining the utmost attention to detail, the craftsmanship of the workers is harmonized with the creativity of the stylists.

These two treasures complement each other by merging into the creation of a unique and exclusive product, for which innovative and unique techniques are used that reformulate and enhance the classicism of the artisan tradition.

This vision takes shape and is based on the concepts of innovation, competence and continuous improvement, with the aim of creating value by satisfying customers, suppliers and all employees.


Lunaria Cashmere is based on a sustainable profit driven concept. The entire value of the Maison’s offer is built around the concept of excellence of materials, to ensure that the control of the sources of supply and therefore the transparency of the production chain is critical, as well as the drive to innovation within the entrepreneurial vision based on authentic quality.

Lunaria Cashmere, in the perspective of transparency and correctness that inspires and distinguishes it, communicates to its customers through its 100% Made in Italy label, the short chain and the traceability of its products, entirely conceived and realized in the company and in the partner laboratories all within the Municipality of Perugia, allowing its customers to go back to history and recognize the value of the goods they want to buy and its link with the territory in which it was produced.


In the highlands of Asia, in a vast area that includes the regions of Mongolia, China, India and Afghanistan, the goat Hircus lives and grows the mother of the precious golden fleece.

The harsh climatic conditions of this vast region have favored the development (in the Hircus goat) under the long and resistant outer mantle, the giarra, of a softer and woolly undercoat, the duvet, which has the characteristic of thermo-regulating the body of the goat (through an inner tube that acts as an insulator), protecting it from the strong changes in temperature.

In spring, during the courting season, a manual combing of the mantle is carried out to collect the duvet. Each goat produces about 200 grams of duvet.

The small quantities of fine wool produced by each goat, and the difficulty of finding it, determine the value and exclusivity of the cashmere. Lunaria cashmere carefully selects the most noble and finest duvet lots, using only the top yarns offered on the market.